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Pirate Night

Saturday 26th September saw a motley crew of bootleggers appear in King’s Somborne Village Hall for Pirate Night.  Only true pirates could attend and in the event of anyone having accidentally forgotten their pirate garb, there were eye-patches, hooks and gold earrings lying around for all to bedeck themselves with. In the beginning, the chief mischief maker (Chris Hall) asked one of the small pirates to get everything going by lighting the punch.






We all chose our ships and then set sail.  Everyone had to embark on a quest (aka a Treasure Hunt)! The chief pirate, with his pretty fellow brigand (Vanessa Sharpe), stirred up the piratical mood by telling us about how to behave (quite different from school!) and gave us all instructions and clues for the quest.


The entertainment kicked off with Catherine Cartwright performing two songs which everyone enjoyed. The mood changed when Peter Duncan and David Haydon performed a sketch about life in the Navy. I didn’t understand everything they said (to my parent’s relief) but the adults seemed to appreciate the punch line! Nigel Coleman and Sue Jackson performed a song entitled “Why is your Roger so Jolly?” – better known as “Jolly Roger”. And Sue Holligan framed the interval with two lovely readings from Daphne du Maurier’s “Frenchman’s Creek”.  I really enjoyed the way she got the characters across.






The first section finished, giving all pirates a chance to search for the treasure by hunting down puzzles and puzzling over them, whilst swilling their grog and gobbling the grub that had been wonderfully organised by Vicky Burden.


After our victuals we listened to Melanie Haydon performing a Hornpipe on her flute.  It was very lively and enjoyable. The chief pirate’s assistant (Vanessa) gave a dramatic reading from J.M. Barrie’s “Peter and Wendy”. Culture was not forgotten as Sue, Nigel and David returned with a selection of songs from the Pirates of Penzance: “I am the Pirate King”, “With Cat Like Tread” and “I am the very model of a modern major general”.


Back to comedy. Two buccaneers (Chris & Alan) delivered a sketch entitled “The Village Yawl”. I think this was about boat building. . . . . but some members of the audience may have spotted a different message! Alan Glynne Jones thrilled the audience with feats of juggling – including very sharp knives and a fool-hardy volunteer from the audience.




The evening ended with a swashbuckling competition (won by Nicola Waggott (yes, that’s me!)) and a song. What else but “What Shall we do with a Drunken Sailor”? Finally, prizes were presented for the many sideshows around the hall and to the crew who won the treasure hunt. Congratulations go to David Haydon for guessing just 2 away from the number of sweets in the rum bottle (there were 326); Sue Jackson for naming the parrot Squawk; Christopher Waggott whose X marked the spot on the map nearest to where the treasure was buried and the crew of the good ship Rising Sun (Carolyn and Trevor Ryan, Steve and Janet Osman and Jane and Peter Duncan) who toiled throughout the night to solve all the dastardly puzzles and break the final code, finishing leagues ahead of the 7 other ships.


All in all we spent a very enjoyable evening navigating the shark invested waters of the Test Valley! And as always, huge thanks go to everyone who helped out and to everyone who came along and made the night such fun!

Review written for the Gauntlet by Nicola Waggott

Competition winners
Congratulations to:
Christopher Waggott            whose X marked the spot nearest the buried treasure
Sue Jackson                              who named the parrot Squawk
David Haydon                          who guessed nearest the number of sweets in the rum bottle - there were 326!
Nicola Waggott                        who proved to be the best swashbuckling pirate on the ship
the crew of The Rising Sun, consisting of:
            Carolyn and Trevor Ryan
            Steve and Janet Osman
            Jane and Peter Duncan
who toiled throughout the evening to solve the dastardly treasure hunt and uncover the final coded message leading them to the greatest booty on offer! They were leagues ahead of the other 7 ships and deserved to win the loot.  
Order and suggested timings for the night 24/9/09
Email to contributors 4/9/09.
Notes from the first rehearsal in the Epworth Hall on Thursday 3rd September.
Email to contributors 1/9/09.
 Email to contributors 7/8/09.
 Notes from planning meeting at Chris and Vicky's on Wednesday 5th August.