Email from Somborne Players 27/4/10
I hope many of you are able to attend the AGM on Thursday 6th May 2010 7.45pm in the Epworth Hall Thank you to those who have sent apologies already.
The AGM is a chance for you to have your say about what happens in the Players, and everyone will have the chance to raise any issues or points for discussion.
Please remember that subs fall due at the AGM, so bring your purse/wallet with you (this will also help with going for drinks at the Crown afterwards!).
One of the main events at the AGM is the election of the committee. All of the current committee will stand down you will have the opportunity to nominate someone (please ensure they are willing to stand first) or indicate your willingness to be nominated. It is useful if people have stated their intentions beforehand, particularly if interested in being a named officer.
The named officer positions on the committee are Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
There are 3 other elected members serving on the committee - more can be co-opted.
The following link will take you to the Player's website and information on the roles of the committee members: Please note that although this makes things sound very official, the committee meetings are quite informal and good fun, and the main responsibility is just being willing to help out a bit with events and productions and such where you can.
We have been without a Secretary for a year and would very much appreciate nominations for this position. This year there has been a separate "Webmaster" role, which can continue if potential new Secretaries do not want this responsibility.
So far:
Melanie Haydon is prepared to be nominated for Treasurer.
Pollyann Monk and Lesley Evans are prepared to be nominated to stand on the committee.
Steve Denford is prepared to take on the role of Webmaster, although not as a committee position.
David Haydon has expressed an interest in the role of Webmaster.
Vicky Burden would rather not be re-elected as Chair as she has been in the role for 3 years and would like someone else to have the opportunity - however if no other nominations were made, she would be prepared to be nominated.
Please reply if you have any questions, wish to nominate someone or are prepared to be nominated.
Email from Somborne Players 26/3/10
Please find attached details of the Players Annual General Meeting, to be held in the Epworth Hall on Thursday 6th May. We hope to see as many of you as possible there - current and potential new members welcome. Come and have your say, and please do put yourself or someone else forward for a committee position if you feel like giving it a go!
If you haven't yet completed the panto survey and were involved in any way, please do give us your feedback - it's very quick and painless and it will help us to improve productions in the future. Just click on this link: .
Dates for your diary:
As well as the AGM, the Players are planning some fun social events.
April Fools
Thursday 15th April 7.30pm at Lesley's
Our annual April Fools event is a sing for your supper evening where everyone is asked to bring along a plate of food or some drink to share, and to join in the entertainment by preparing a little something to perform - this may be a short sketch, a poetry reading, a song, some juggling... or anything else you like that shows off your talent - or lack of as the case may be - we're not fussy!
Please contact Vicky  by 5th April if you plan to attend so she can let you know what food to bring.
Barbecue and Games
27th June 2010 12midday at Pollyann's
Weather permitting, Pollyann will be opening up her garden to us for a social barbecue and fun afternoon. Weather not permitting, we'll try to convince her to let us in the house!
More details nearer the time.
At some point in May we hope to have a meeting for all potential directors or those interested in finding out more about directing. More info on this at the AGM.
Email from Somborne Players 24/10/09
I hope lots of you will be able to make it to the Panto meeting on 4th November, but there are lots more things you can join in with as well.
On Thursday 5th November we are having a bonfire night celebration. All meet at Rebecca's at 7.45 for drinks, then next door to Lesley's for a firework display and back to Rebecca's for food and socialising. We'll be asking everyone for a £3 contribution towards fireworks and to bring a plate of food or some drink. If you want to come along, book your place with Rebecca or Lesley by 1st November. Rebecca will get back to you to let you know what dish/drink to bring. Family and friends welcome.
For Christmas we are planning a Charades and Mulled Wine night at Pollyann's. This will be on Thursday 17th December and is a great way to wish everyone Merry Christmas as panto rehearsals wind down for the year and we take a short break. More details on this to follow.
Also in December, don't forget to get your tickets for a fantastic family production from a professional visiting theatre company:
The Somborne Players are proud to present…
The Marvellous Magical Coat
An On the Other Hand Production
in association with Hog the Limelight
6:00pm Saturday 12 Dec 2009                             King's Somborne Village Hall 
Tickets £5 (children £4, family ticket £15.00)    (available from Cross Stores from 1st December)
Telephone Vicky or see the Gauntlet for more information
Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who helped out in any way with Pirate Night, or came along to take part in the fun. It was a brilliant evening and wouldn't have been so without the contribution of so many people.
Email from Somborne Players 24/10/09
Re: Panto 2010
Can you believe it?  Another year has flown by and the Players panto start up meeting is on Wednesday 4th November in the Epworth Hall: 6.30pm for children and 7.30pm for adults. Anyone interested in getting involved—acting, helping with costumes, scenery, lights etc. is welcome to come along.
The 2010 panto will be performed  on the 19th and 20th February.
Casting will take place after the meeting, so if you want a speaking part, please make every effort to attend. Otherwise, contact Sue Jackson. Feel free to come along even if you don’t want a part but would like to offer support.

You don’t have to be a member or to have been involved in panto before—we are always happy to see new faces!
Email from Vicky 21/10/09
Re: Costume Storage
Mark Frank has managed to obtain use of the Red Cross hut behind the Grovesnor (next to the hut we used to use). He is happy for us to share use of it for costume storage  - at a price of £150 pa. (to be agreed)  This is really good news and I have emailed Mark to say thank you and yes please - I do hope the committee are happy with that.  It needs quite a bit of work to clear the site and some work on the hut intself and Mark has set the afternoon of 1st Nov as a date for a working party.  To show willing and our appreciation (assuming you all go along with the plan) it would be good to have lots of support for the work - I'm sure there will be more opportunities but I think it important we have a good presence on the 1st Nov.  Please spread the word and let me know if you can turn up.
Email from Somborne Players 24/9/09
If you haven't got your ticket for Pirate Night this Saturday, you are in danger of missing out! We had a rehearsal last night and I can assure you it's going to be a great evening. There are lots of people involved doing lots of things - funny sketches, dramatic readings, popular songs, death-defying juggling, live music... lots of talent on display. And a treasure hunt that runs throughout the whole evening with a variety of puzzle rounds and a prize at the end, and other prizes for some smaller competitions - you can get involved if you like, or just sit back and enjoy the show! Plus we have a bar and a delicious 2 course meal.
All this for only a tenner!
There are still tickets left available at Cross Stores, so bring all your family and friends for a highly entertaining evening.
Email from Somborne Players 4/9/09
Rehearsals and preparations for Pirate Night are now underway and it looks set to be a fantastic evening.
We need everyone to support this event as it is different to what the Players usually do and we want it to be a success. There is a poster attached with all the details on - please print this and display it if you can. Make sure you buy your own tickets early and encourage others to come along - it really will be a case of the more the merrier, so let's try to get a packed hall full of people having fun :-D
Email from Somborne Players 24/7/09
As I wrote earlier this month, we are planning a Pirate Event for September 26th instead of our usual full length play. Details as sent out before are below and attached is the poster that will appear in August's Gauntlet.
BUT... in order for this to go ahead, we need people to volunteer with acts - sketches, songs, very short dramas, readings, comedy routines... - anything you like.
If we don't get enough people wanting to take part, then this event too will have to be cancelled, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider whether you could offer an act, or get together with some others to produce something. Even if you don't know what you'd like to do but would like to take part, or if you have a good idea but don't want to do it yourself, then we need to hear from you before the end of July. Either reply to this or phone Melanie for more information or to talk about ideas.
In light of the need to get this event organised, and due to discussions taking place about plans for the new stage in the Village Hall (contact Chris if you want to know more about this), there are no other social events taking place within the Players over the next few months - any planned events have been postponed so that we can all work together to produce an excellent evening of entertainment in September.
However, if you are feeling the lack of theatrical stimulus, there is an open air performance of The Three Musketeers by Illyria (a highly regarded outdoor touring theatre company - who I would personally recommend) at Mottisfont on Thursday 30th July.
Email from Somborne Players 7/7/09
Exciting news about this year's autumn production - although we are not able to put on a full length play, we are still planning an evening of entertainment in the Village Hall.
For one night only (Saturday 26th September 2009) the Somborne Players will bring you a themed evening of entertainment. And the theme is pirates! Or maybe the sea, or something around that area - it depends on what ideas people come up with. And that's where you come in, because we need all the help from you we can get if this evening is going to be a success :-)
The current plan is:
to have a meal (something in keeping with the theme)
to have a bar
to decorate the hall in keeping with the theme
to have all participants in costume and interacting with the audience (a bit like a murder mystery)
to encourage the audience to dress up and get into the spirit of things
to have some kind of quiz with a prize at the end of the night
to have themed sketches / readings / songs / jokes / etc
And it's on this last bit that we need volunteers.
Effectively, it's a bit like our Sing for your Supper evenings - only in front of a paying audience so will need a bit more preparation, but not as much as a full length play and everyone can do as much or as little as they like. It's also a bit like the Variety Show - only with the idea that it should be a full dramatic in-role evening with everything related to the theme. It's also being targeted more at adults with adult participants, although contibutions from older children would be considered.
Please have a think about what you could contribute - maybe get together with a few others and find a sea-related sketch, maybe consider singing a sea shanty or two, maybe consider a dramatic interpretation of an extract from a pirating novel - the more people we get involved the better.
So, if you have any ideas, if you want to take part, or if you want to do both, please get in touch with Melanie before the end of the month, by either responding to this email or phoning her. Any suggestions, ideas, inspirations welcome.
Email from Somborne Players 1/7/09
We have co-opted some new committee members, so the committee now stands as:
Chairman - Vicky Burden
Treasurer - Melanie Haydon
Secretary - position vacant (nominees or volunteers appreciated)
Committee members (as voted for by the Players)
Nigel Coleman
Lesley Evans
Rebecca Rickard
Co-opted committee members
Steve Denford
Pollyann Monk
Vanessa Sharpe
Please feel free to contact any of these committee members at
Current issues
Costume storage and plans for the new stage in the village hall continue to be significant issues for the Players.
If you think you can help with costume storage, please let us know.
If you would like to join the sub-committee's discussions on the new stage, please contact Vicky. The Village Hall are putting on cream teas on Sunday 12th July at 2pm so people can see the new kitchen and look at and discuss further plans. Hopefully some of our members will be able to be there.
Unfortunately, due to a lack of time and difficulty in running effective rehearsals over the summer, we have decided to postpone our planned production of Mr Pim Passes By. Chris Hall and the committee felt that we would not be able to do it justice for September, however there is potential for this play next year. We would like to thank everyone who auditioned and we will be in touch soon about what we could put on before Christmas that will not be as demanding as a full length play.
In light of this, we are particularly keen to get a good start for the panto 2010. The Committee are already reading potential scripts and we would love anyone interested in directing to come forward - there is lots of support for directors, so don't be shy!
Last month, we took part in both the Church Fete - thanks to the Rickards for their puppet show, and to anyone else who was involved, and the Variety Show - thanks to those who represented the Players here and everyone who helped to make the evening such fun.
The Beetle Drive planned for this weekend is now not able to go ahead - but we have some events in mind for later in the summer which we'll let you know about when they are confirmed.
Apologies to any of you who have been visiting the website and finding it very behind the times. We are currently in the process of reconstructing the website so it is more accessible for all, but this obviously takes time. Watch this space.
AGM minutes from 7/5/09